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Functional and Well Designed Websites

We build great looking, high performing websites that bring in more leads and enquiries to our customers.  If you own a business and don’t have a website, you are probably losing a heap of great opportunities and customers, so where do you start?

We are here to guide you through that seemingly daunting process of building a website and have identified the essential ingredients that go into a successful website. 

Affordable Pricing

We can help find you the ideal solution at an affordable competitive price. Being a small business we don't come with large overheads that others might.

Custom Design

We build custom websites, tailored to your business style. All websites are designed to ensure brand awareness, generate leads & can convert visitors into customers.

SEO (Search Engine Friendly)

Your website will be SEO friendly and optimized for more high-quality traffic. We will guide you to provide the best quality SEO optimized content.

Mobile Responsive

Research shows that 50% of any given time people use smartphones, so even more reason why your website needs to not just be viewable but optimised for mobile devices.

Social Media Integration

We will make sure your website can be shared across social media accounts so these communication channels can be more frequently used, explored and shared. In the competitive marketplace, this is essential for businesses.

Website Live in 30 days

If you are wanting your website in the public eye quickly, we get that, so can have your website up and running in less than 4 weeks!


Our Website Process

We can get a website going for your business in as quick as 4 weeks!
1. Getting started

To get things started, join us on a video call or we can get together for an obligation free meeting where we will get to know your business, website requirements and answer any questions you may have.

During the website planning meeting we work closely with you to plan the design, structure and content of your website.

We will require the first 50% payment in order to get the project activated.

2. Design & build your website

Next is designing and developing your website once you have provided us with content.

Then we will provide you with a private viewing link to check out your new site so you can review it.

3. Providing us your feedback

Now it’s time to review the website and provide us with detailed consolidated feedback.

We will revise & perfect your website.

We will require the final 50% of payment once your website has been approved, prior to us launching.


4. Website Launch

Once approved, we will test, then launch your website.

If you want to learn how to edit your website yourself from here, we can walk you through the process in a training session.
Alternatively we offer Website Hosting, Maintenance and Support.

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